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The Creative Momentum Masterclass

How to Sustain Creativity through Productive Practices

June 29th | 8:00 am PDT | Show in my timezone

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Hosted by
Mike Vardy
Mike Schmitz

Are you struggling to maintain the momentum in your creative pursuits? Do you often find yourself wondering how to keep your creative energy consistent and sustainable? Are you seeking that perfect balance between the quality and quantity of your creative outputs?

This is your chance to solve these conundrums. Let's get the wheels of creativity spinning. Unleash your creative potential. Embrace your creative journey with sustainability and consistency.

Dive deep into the principles of creativity and productivity with Mike Vardy and Mike Schmitz, your guides in this journey, as they deliver the transformative " The Creative Momentum Masterclass: How to Sustain Creativity through Productive Practices."

Creativity isn't just about having ideas; it's about bringing them to life. Let us assist you on this journey.


Explore The 5 Elements of Creativity

Uncover the five crucial elements that are the foundation of your creative journey. Understand how these components intertwine to ignite your creative energy and keep it aflame.

Unpack The 3 Levels of Momentum

In our creative journey, momentum is crucial. But did you know there are three levels of momentum? During our webinar, we'll unpack each level, helping you understand how to leverage momentum throughout its lifespan. This understanding will enable you to keep your creative engine running at full throttle, even when facing obstacles or distractions.

Discover The Creativity Flywheel

The Creativity Flywheel is an innovative model designed to ensure your creative processes remain consistent and sustainable. Learn how to kickstart your Creativity Flywheel and maintain its momentum throughout your creative journey.

Harness Attention Paths for Creative Flow

Diverted attention can be the biggest adversary of creativity. Learn about attention paths and how to harness them effectively. We'll guide you on how to manage and direct your focus, ensuring your creative work continues to flow smoothly. With the right attention paths, you can maintain the momentum and stay productive in your creative endeavors.

Tap Into Balancing Quality with Quantity

In the realm of creativity, the balance between quality and quantity can often be elusive. This webinar will equip you with effective strategies to maintain a healthy balance, ensuring you remain productive without compromising the essence of your work.

Master the Art of Juggling Multiple Creative Projects

For many creators, balancing multiple projects can be daunting. It can lead to a loss of momentum, quality, and even enthusiasm. In this webinar, we'll equip you with strategies to manage multiple creative projects simultaneously. Learn how to keep the ball rolling for each project without compromising quality or losing momentum. With these strategies, you can turn the daunting task of juggling multiple projects into a productive and enjoyable experience.


About Your Hosts

Regarded as a visionary in the productivity sphere, Mike Vardy stands at the forefront of modern efficiency strategies. As the architect of the TimeCrafting philosophy and framework, he has reshaped the way professionals across the globe approach productivity. An acclaimed author, captivating speaker, and host of the globally recognized "A Productive Conversation" podcast, Vardy continues to be an influential figure in harnessing productivity without compromising creativity.

Mike Schmitz is a prolific creator and the inventor of the Creativity Flywheel method. He's helped many creative entrepreneurs architect and launch their own successful creative projects, and is the co-host of both the Bookworm and Focused podcasts. He's also a writer and YouTuber who overcame the limiting belief that "I'm just not creative," and now coaches others to help them multiply their time and talent so they can do reach their full potential and their best creative work.

June 29th
8:00 am PDT